Next-Gen of Visualisation

Augmented & Virtual Reality are no longer merely the purview of video gaming. They have the potential to re-invent fundamental engineering practices.

Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) for Plant Maintenance and real-time collaboration.

Augmented & Virtual Reality is aimed at abolishing the boundary between the reality and rituality through immersive experiences. They are particularly well-suited for Mining and Oil & Gas industry, where remote and dangerous, high risk locations are increasingly common.

A growing number of companies are addressing these challenges through the use of next-generation augmented and virtual reality technology for training, maintenance, operation, planning and simulation.

Such systems allow people to plan and schedule operational procedures, train workers and meet health and safety requirements by interacting with a computer simulated 3D environment. 3D immersive simulations of relevant scenarios can deliver the most cost-effective results. This typically includes Health and Safety and Compliance training, both of which have potentially high costs of failure and involve situations that can be costly and dangerous to replicate in physical environments.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits 1 Safety

Promote safety, lower risk of mistakes and eliminate disruption of work with virtual training.

Key Benefits 2 Cost

Significantly reduced initial and ongoing costs of learning and development.

Key Benefits 3 Knowledge

Knowledge transfer & retention (captures enterprise knowledge).

Key Benefits 4 Value

High value for dangerous and remote working environments. (e.g. Oil Platform, FPSO, FLNG).

Key Benefits 5 Motivation

Higher levels of engagement and motivation, especially for today's learners, Interactive & Dynamic.

Key Benefits 6 Operation

Training can be started before the real plant is taken into operation.

Key Benefits 7 Proficiency

Reduce Training Time to proficiency by 50%.

Key Benefits 8 Performance

Increase In overall employee performance 32%.

Virtual Reality