Plant Maintenance Simulation

Simplifies the Complex.
Maintenance Simulation to reduce downtime.

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One of the greatest threats to the Oil & Gas and Mining industry is downtime associated with maintaining compressors, pumps, turbines, heat exchanger, conveyor, drive and other critical equipment.

The user interface of the future for the maintenance crews will be visual, analytical, interactive and mobile where it makes sense.

Engineering data will help to build dedicated 3D asset management information for systems used by owner and operators.

The use of innovative Simulation, Augmented Reality and advanced visualisation technologies allows the energy industry to safely address these issues.

Maintenance simulation can help you raise efficiency, quality, and accuracy while lowering risk, and increasing performance for turnaround maintenance and execution.

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Advantages of 3D/4D Maintenance Visualisation are:

  • Accelerated time to repair
  • Minimized asset downtime
  • Proper procedure execution
  • Improved technician productivity
  • Increased technician efficiency while in the field
  • Visually create and review 3-D work instructions, including safety precautions prior to starting work order to familiarize with overall set of tasks.
  • Visually create and follow each individual task within the interactive 3-D work instruction
  • Visually locate or query to identify the asset for maintenance, repair, or upgrade
  • 3D model driven document authoring & standards compliance