Plant Engineering

Digital Asset Transformation through Artificial Intelligence

Making The Invisible Visible - Reverse Visual Tagging

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We develop fully-automated searching and tagging, creating relationships with engineering information, drawings, schematic, data sheets, 3D model and 3D scan model.

All this information exists in different, incompatible formats, both electronic and paper. The result is that the information assets of many older plants are largely unusable and/or unreliable.

Using advance visual technology and search algorithms, tag information is generated, compared and relationships created.

It simplifies access to the data and presents the information in context with the 3D plant model. 3D Visualisation promotes efficient and effective communication and improves plant safety, compliance, and maintenance productivity.

3D Modeling

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Visual Intellect provides intelligent, data-centric, multi-disciplinary design service for the 3D modelling of process plants that ensures clash-free design. The full range of orthographic drawings, reports, MTO and pipe isometrics can be produced from the model enable, significant cost and schedule savings. We also provide as-built intelligent 3D modeling service.

We can migrate your 3D model data to many other 3D formats, to share your model with other applications.

3D Model Integrity Audit

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Visual Intellect can audit your 3D model looking for inconsistencies that can impact affect your project delivery so you won't spend money making design changes in later phases of execution when they'll cost a lot more.